BKT & Alliance on Degelman Pro-Till 40

by | Jan 18, 2017 | Better Performance, Featured, Flotation, Tire Technology | 0 comments

Degelman Pro-Till 40 is designed to perform tillage work FAST & with ONE PASS.

How can the Pro-Till 40 perform field cultivation at rate of 70 acres per hour, finishing with seedbed quality finish?  Tires!


BKT FL630 Plus 600/50R22.5 SHOWN LEFT provides deep wide spaces between tread blocks to keep the tire rolling, avoiding plowing, even in the muddiest of conditions.  The 600 MM wide cross section provides flotation, dramatically reducing soil compaction compared to standard sized implement tires.

Alliance FloTruck 382 600/50R22.5 SHOWN RIGHT is J speed rated to 62 mph.

Specifically constructed to handle transport when equipment wings are up, DOT approved tire provides safe legal movement from field to field.

BKT & Alliance provide perfect combination in advanced tillage application, both reducing soil compaction with wide 600 mm cross section, BKT FL630 Plus with large wide voids between tread blocks to keep tire rolling, and Alliance FloTruck 382 with J speed rating to provide sure footed performance at high transport speeds.

Click below to see interview with Degelman representative at Farm Progress: