Gehl 650 & 750 Loader Maximizes Performance with 3 Tire Designs

Gehl 650 & 750 Loader Maximizes Performance with 3 Tire Designs

How can your next wheel loader be used in the field without excessive soil compaction? TIRES!

The Gehl 650 & 750 Telescopic Wheel Loader is now being offered with 3 tire options to perfectly suit the application. Check it out:

Non-Directional Mitas EM-01 405/70R20 (16/70R20)

Tire is designed primarily for construction applications, with non-directional design providing excellent forward and reverse traction, along with low void ratio for excellent hard surface abrasion resistance.



Hybrid Universal Mitas MPT-03 405/70-20 (16/70-20)

Called Hybrid for a reason, offers good traction in soft soil with directional self clean design coupled with large shoulder voids. Close together lugs in the center provide abrasion resistance and performance on hard surfaces.



High Flotation Mitas TR-12 600/40-22.5

Specifically designed for livestock, hay, and dairy producers concerned with field soil compaction, tire offers extra large contact patch coupled with deep wide lugs designed to provide optimum traction and improve field performance.



Pick Your Application.  Pick Your Loader.  Pick Your Tire. 

Check out the interview from National Farm Machinery Show for more information with special guest Kelly Moore, Product & Training Specialist from Gehl, to explain all:













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