BKT AGRIMAX V-FLECTO: VF Test / Comparison

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 BKT dedicates a special BKT Network episode to the tire with VF technology, designed to improve the performance of high-powered tractors

 Seregno (Italy), May 31, 2021 – Flexibility, efficiency and power are the main requirements and needs of modern-day farmers who, for their work in the field, increasingly choose ever more powerful and better equipped machinery which can support particularly heavy workloads.

This is the basis for the development of AGRIMAX V-FLECTO, the tire designed to improve the performance of high-powered tractors and to which BKT has devoted a special episode on BKT Network.


It is a revolutionary product designed to optimize farmers’ work, time and resources thanks also to VF technology, which makes it possible to maximize load without changing tire pressure. AGRIMAX V-FLECTO can transport 40% more weight than a standard tire of the same size and with the same recommended rim.

This characteristic benefits not only the farmer, who can transport heavier loads in less time, but also and above all the soil: thanks to the wider tire footprint and the tread depth increased by 10% in width. AGRIMAX V-FLECTO helps prevent soil compaction, thus maintaining the appropriate drainage of the land and therefore the quality of the crops.

The great strength is then durability which is 10% longer than the standard equivalent, a characteristic which means a benefit in terms of productivity and optimization of farm work.

The ultra-resistant casing and the special reinforced bead allow AGRIMAX V-FLECTO to exploit all the tractor’s potential both in the field and on the road, where it can reach high speeds (up to 40 mph) with a very comfortable drive.

The tests

The BKT Network episode explores the tests which accompanied the launch of AGRIMAX V-FLECTO and in general of all the tires in the BKT product lines. Tests are valuable and essential tools to verify the effectiveness and performance of new solutions.

As for AGRIMAX V-FLECTO, BKT compared it against other standard solutions and competing brands to ensure high-level performance. The tests consist of outdoor and indoor trials accompanied by objective and subjective tests which help judge factors such as safety, comfort, and efficiency in terms of time and costs related to the tire.

 One of the most important tests – above all for agricultural tires – is the traction test: the less the tire slips in the test phase, the greater the efficiency and fuel-saving guaranteed by the product will be.

During our traction tests in the field we check the tires for slippage up to 25%, i.e. the maximum level that can normally be measured in the toughest pulling scenarios (such as plowing). In some cases, when developing new solutions and for particular comparisons, we go as high as 40% slippage – says Piero Torassa, Field Engineer at BKT. In addition, the tests are repeated several times over a short time-frame in order to achieve reliable and congruent results and data.”

 Other important features assessed in the test phase are tractor’s maneuverability and driving comfort. In both cases various objective tests are carried out with the help of specific sensors collecting and analyzing performance data. “Subjective” tests envisage the assessment by professional drivers of various factors connected to the drivability of the vehicle such as oversteering, cornering, impact absorption, etc.

The tire footprint is also measured in specific tests. In this case, BKT has developed and patented a specific test to measure the 3D tire footprint very quickly by using phenolic sponges which are placed under the tires during the tests. Thanks to their characteristics and consistency, the sponges make it possible to simulate the compression of the tires on the soil before sowing.

BKT is constantly working to develop solutions for modern agriculture, responding to operators’ needs and at the same time maintaining the health of the soil, thanks also to the use of VF technology.

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