Hybrid Tread Design Fuel Savings

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Dave Paulk:  Manager Field Technical Services

Lower Rolling Resistance Hybrid
Several hybrid tread designs have been introduced into the market in the past few years. They work best for tractors that are on the road most of the time. When the correct air pressures are used, this tire design will wear smoother and provide good road traction in the summer and winter. They will deliver better fuel economy on the highway as they are made to have less rolling resistance. The hybrid designs are gentler on the ground as they have more of an R-3 design than an R-1 or R-1W bar design. BKT makes the IT696 and the IT697 in this design, Both with 40 mph speed ratings.  For smaller tractors, the BKT RT333 is a hybrid designed for vineyard and orchard applications working well on the road with good traction in the dirt. It is gentler on the soil than a chevron type tread.



Yokohama Off-Highway Tires America, Inc.
Blaine Cox: National Product Manager—Agriculture, Golf and Turf

When you are looking to upgrade your tires, look for tread patterns that maximize traction and minimize rolling resistance. We’ve come a long way from the lug designs that were in fashion for more than 100 years. You’ve got great choices for the soil types, roading needs, and chores you need to accomplish, from two-level lugs on the Alliance Agri Star II to the hundreds of biting edges on the innovative block tread pattern of the Alliance 363 and 550 radials.


Trelleborg Wheel Systems
Chris Neidert: Marketing, Training and Development Manager – AG

Hybrid Tread Design
Matching the correct tread pattern to the application will dramatically help with tire wear, fuel consumption and ride. Below you can see an example of two distinctly different tread patterns.

Figure LEFT is a perfect tire to use when you are operating more on hard surfaces and do not need a lot of traction. The design will provide some traction, but ride comfort and tire wear will be the advantage. Testing has shown that the more closed tread pattern (left) can reduce fuel consumption by up to 8%.

Figure RIGHT works exceptionally well in operating conditions that require an aggressive tread for more traction.

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