MAXAM Debuts the Complete MS910R Series for Compact Equipment

by | Feb 24, 2021 | New Product | 0 comments

[Danvers, Massachusetts, February 23rd, 2021] MAXAM is excited to debut the full line of the MS910R multipurpose radial tires. The versatile MS910R is designed to operate in multiple applications, including agriculture, construction, and industrial vehicles. Engineered to provide the industry with a versatile solution, the MS910R delivers the performance customers seek in MAXAM’s products.

Developed with the end-user in mind, the MS910R boasts an all-steel radial construction to provide maximum durability, stability, and improved traction in every application. Designed to operate on a wide range of equipment from telehandlers to compact wheel loaders, the MS910R is engineered to minimize vibration providing a comfortable ride without compromising traction.

The MS910R exhibits a versatile lug pattern adapted to meet the demands of every vehicle it serves. Featuring a unique self-cleaning design with cutting-edge mud breakers, the MS910R prevents terrain buildup in the lugs ensuring maximum grip and performance.

The MS910R delivers performance, durability, and adaptability to sites globally. The MS910R is available in multiple sizes for three different applications: multipurpose (MPT), industrial (IN), and construction (EM).