Airless Irrigation Tire: Galileo

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Airless Irrigation Tire
Galileo CupWheel, Mevasseret Tzion, Israel
Nov 2020

Galileo CupWheel™ is launching a special tire for pivot irrigation systems. This tire has been tested thoroughly in the past year and now is available to purchase in the USA.

Pivot-irrigation systems have to be reliable and efficient as crop life is dependent on their work. In the season, each day becomes critical. Missing even one day of properly irrigating a field can wrought severe damage, and result in lower yield from dry crops. Growers often experience much downtime, getting stuck in mud and tires de-rimming with traditional product. In recent years growers have invested in airless solutions such as solid or foam-filled tires and various track type systems. These prevent downtime, but create very deep, wide ruts as well as heavy wear and tear on pivot mechanical parts.

Galileo’s new airless IrriCup tire was developed to solve all these issues. It has a unique concave sidewall design, with no outer bulge, and is 100% airless. No downtime and no getting stuck in mud in addition to the IrriCup’s self-cleaning abilities. The accordion shape of the tire glides easily over any bumps in the terrain – it does not get stuck and it moves freely over the rough surface, like a track. Galileo’s elongated tread footprint provides this.

Intensive field testing with one of the leading global OEM’s in the irrigation business proves it. Galileo IrriCup tires were run at 10,000 lbs. per tower for thousands of hours. Under such heavy loads in extreme elements, the IrriCup delivers where other airless solutions failed. In another test site a neighboring grower was experiencing serious flooding areas and having to tow pivots through sections of the field. After installing IrriCups, the pivots pulled through unassisted. No other tire could provide that type of performance.

Galileo IrriCup is now available to order in 14.9-24 / 380/85CW24 and next season will be launching additional sizes such as 11.2-38 / 290/85CW38 and 11.2-24 / 280/85CW24

To see the Galileo IrriCup in action, Galileo IrriCup for Irrigation Systems – YouTube

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