Michelin Introduces New Agricultural Trailer Tire

by | Sep 21, 2020 | Featured, New Product | 0 comments

GREENVILLE, S.C., Sept. 15, 2020 — The new MICHELIN® TRAILXBIB® ─ for slurry wagons, spreaders and trailers ─ is designed for outstanding endurance, prolonged tire life and low soil compaction. Co-developed with farmers from several continents, the MICHELIN TRAILXBIB is air-systems ready and designed with MICHELIN VF Ultraflex Technology to help reduce soil compaction and optimize yields. The tire has a low-pressure impact in fields and is puncture and aggression resistant.

The tires feature excellent self-cleaning capabilities thanks to a new advanced tread pattern with wide inter-lugs.

The MICHELIN TRAILXBIB tire has three major benefits:

• High endurance due to a new steel-belted casing meeting the VF2 standard for better robustness and soil protection;
• High level self-cleaning properties provided by a specific tread pattern for better evacuation of mud with no closed areas;
• Tire-life improvement with a new tread pattern design incorporating a central rib designed to ensure regular wear.

Immediately available in sizes VF 560/60 R22.5 166D and VF 650/55 R26.5 174D, other dimensions will gradually complement the range.

“The MICHELIN TRAILXBIB allows the farmer to easily adjust trailed equipment tire pressure with remote inflation systems in real time and according to the type of soil load distribution,” said David Graden, agriculture operational marketing manager, Michelin North America. “This solution reduces soil compaction and protects the soil for future harvests for increased agricultural yields.”