Michelin Offers Additional Sizes to AG Spreader Line

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• Four additional sizes added to self-propelled spreader application tire

• Tire protects against soil compaction, reduces plant damage and provides comfort on the road




GREENVILLE, S.C., Oct. 20, 2020 — The MICHELIN dedicated tire solution for self-propelled spreaders for use with a high-load capacity in agricultural applications ─ the MICHELIN® FloatXBib™ ─ is now available in the additional VF sizes:

VF 750/50 R26 174D/170E
VF 900/60 R38 CFO 196D/192E
VF 1000/50 R25 190D/186E
VF 1000/55 R32 197D/193E

“The FloatXBib tire provides the market with an offer specifically designed and built to better handle the major abuse this application dishes out,” said David Graden, agriculture operational marketing manager for Michelin North America. “The tire can handle the same weight at up to 20% less air pressure or allow for 20% more load at the same pressure while providing the highest in-field load capacity* and the best speed index** on the road.”

The MICHELIN FloatXBib has an innovative, patent-pending tread design to provide for better yields, greater comfort and increased productivity. The tire protects against soil compaction, reduces plant damage and provides comfort on the road.

For more information on FloatXBib and other MICHELIN tires for agriculture applications, visit http://www.MichelinAg.com or contact your local Michelin Agriculture tire dealer.

* Based on internal studies with a load of approximately 30,000 pounds moving at 18 mph in the field, the Michelin MegaXBib 2 T2 requires 55 psi vs 44 psi for Michelin FloatXBib.
** Based on internal studies with a speed of 40 mph on the road, Michelin MegaXBib 2 T2 has a load capacity of approximately 14,000 pounds vs. New Michelin FloatXBib load capacity of 24,000 pounds (a +70% increase).