YOUR ANSWER to Ag Tire Questions

YOUR ANSWER to Ag Tire Questions

With all the complexities associated with Modern Ag Tires, there is no way a blog can cover everything.

Our commitment to you is that if you have an Ag Tire Question, we at Ag Tire Talk will provide an answer, drawing upon a team with over 68 years of tire business experience.

If your question is outside scope of Ag Tire Talk, we will either find you the answer for you, or provide you with a contact that can help you.

Lastly, if you have an Ag Tire Question for other growers, ask it!

We suggest providing a few key pieces of information in your question:  Tire Description, Equipment, and Application.

All information is provided in this blog solely to provoke thought. All deductions made from information on this site must be confirmed by Certified Ag Tire Dealer before use. Ag Tire Talk does not recommend anyone conduct tire service work with exception of Certified Ag Tire Dealer Professionals.

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8 Responses to “YOUR ANSWER to Ag Tire Questions”

  1. Good post. I certainly appreciate this website. Stick with it!

  2. tire service says:

    Really informative answer, i’m looking forward for your next post.

  3. Travis Cooper says:

    Hello, I purchased a small dump trailer a while back which turned out to be actually for use on a cemetery; and has ag tires on it. They are Armstrong 11L-15, and they are the bias ribbed type, high flotation tires. Anyways, I do a fair amount of travel on paved roads in my usage of the trailer and the tires were old and cracked when I got the trailer; and it wasn’t long before they basically shredded to bits and the one of them, the tube actually popped.

    So my question is, what if any is a good replacement that will fit the same, yet provide me with a better lifespan when used on paved roads, and at or close to highway speeds (55 mph)?? I would like if there was a good tubeless radial with some varied tread available that will still be a direct substitute as far as the size and fit for the ones that were originally on it. If you could please point me in the right direction I sure would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much for your time and hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks,


    • James Tuschner James Tuschner says:

      A number of different manufacturers make tires in your size, DOT approved for highway use up to 55 mph, in F-I straight rib design with bias ply construction.

      As for varied tread in radial that is DOT Approved and able to travel 55 mph, I am not aware of any option.

      I recommend calling your local tire dealer to ask, “could you please let me know available options in an 11L-15 F-I DOT approved for highway use?” Explain your application and have the weight of your equipment ready to ensure proper fitment. DOT approved F-I will provide longevity on the road and correct ply rating will enable you to safely carry the load.

      Great question! Thank You for the Inquiry.

  4. Bena Offield says:

    I am purchasing a Kubota L2501 diesel tractor to use on my ranch not for farming. I will b shredding and clearing mesquites and odd jobs w my loader. Would ag tires or industrial tires be best. One of my concerns is stubble resistance.
    Your advice would be appreciated.

    • James Tuschner James Tuschner says:

      I recommend choosing Industrial Tires for your application, as smaller void between lugs will better resist punctures and hazards associated with shredding & clearing. Further, Industrial Tire will provide smoother ride on improved surfaces when doing odd jobs. Stubble resistance is usually required for tires used in farming application.

  5. Mark Krueger says:

    Is there anything made to cover my ag tires on my super C, would like to use it to roll my large lawn without tearing it up with the lugs on the ag tire. Thanks in advance

    • James Tuschner James Tuschner says:

      Thank you for the comment. I’m not aware of any “covering” to go over your ag lug tires to keep them from tearing up the lawn.

      If you would like to post the sizes, I can help you with lawn & garden new tire options.

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